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The ONE is proudly recognized as a leading innovator, product developer, and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom space finishes and fixtures for hospitality and multi-family housing projects. We opened our factory in 2010 to manufacture custom shower doors. Since then, we expanded to offer a wide variety of products ranging from LED mirrors, shower enclosures and most notably shower doors. The ONE represents limitless possibilities. Some of your greatest ideas can come from a simple drawing on a cocktail napkin to fruition.


The ONE can bring that idea to realization with our industry leading state-of-the-art technology and equipment. With our creativity and innovation, we push the industry barrier by offering exquisite custom designs and excellent client service tailored to each individual regardless of the project. Our scope includes but is not limited to Hotels, Multi family, Cruise ships, senior living facilities and capital market improvements. We take pride in efficiency and our exceptional manufacturing of our products; we also take great pride in servicing our customers and their projects every step of the way.

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