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How to Choose the Glass for the Shower Room?

Jan. 21, 2021

There are two types of glass in the shower room, one is transparent glass, the other is opaque glass, each has its own advantages, so when many people install the shower room, many people feel entangled in the choice of glass. Some people think that transparent glass is good, and some families think that opaque glass is good. In fact, this mainly depends on the specific situation of each family. Next, Shower Doors Manufacturer will carefully talk about the characteristics of transparent glass and opaque glass!

Custom Shower Door

Custom Shower Door

1. Opaque glass

Those who choose opaque glass mainly consider one point: to protect privacy.

Opaque glass is further divided into: frosted, frosted, silk-screened, interlaced, Changhong, etc., all of which look more textured. The five types of glass that are more private are frosted glass and frosted glass. Of course, the price will be more expensive. According to the data, the most popular frosted explosion-proof glass is currently on the market. If you think that this kind of glass can only protect yourself The privacy is wrong. This kind of glass also enhances the safety during the bathing process. Many people at home will choose this kind of glass for this point; silk screen, wire and Changhong glass are only decorated compared to transparent glass. The product can be used as a barrier, it is not so transparent, but it is not suitable for people who pay attention to privacy.

2. Transparent glass

Transparent glass is more transparent, which helps to expand the view of the space and makes the shower room visually more spacious and bright. It has a brightening effect on the bathroom. Even if the space itself is small, it does not look so depressing. It is very suitable for family bathroom decoration. The style is relatively dull, and the shower room is equipped with transparent glass. The perspective of the bathroom can be enhanced a lot at once. Many people like this experience.

When taking a bath, they will directly face the glass of the shower room, so many people like to see the surrounding scenery through the shower room, but this also has disadvantages because of its transparency and lack of a sense of privacy. Someone is taking a bath, so it is not convenient for those who want to go to the toilet at this time.

No matter which type of glass you choose, transparent glass or opaque glass, their functions are actually the same. Pay attention to the effect of separating dry and wet for the bathroom and not so cold in winter. Which glass to choose, It still has to be decided according to the specific needs of the family and personal preferences. It is more important to suit yourself.

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