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What Other Issues Should be Considered When Purchasing a Shower Enclosures ?

Mar. 25, 2021

As a Shower Enclosures Manufacturer, share with you.

Shower room is an important building material product in our lives. When we buy shower room, we generally want to know the price of shower room. The price of shower room is different between different materials and functions. Yes, when we buy a shower room, we must choose a more suitable shower room according to the actual situation. Then, in addition to the price issue when buying a shower room, what other issues should we consider?

Shower Enclosures Custom

Shower Enclosures Custom

The shower room is generally made of tempered glass, which has good permeability. There are two ways to distinguish tempered glass. One is to see if the glass surface has 3C certification marks, and the second is to see if glass slag appears after the glass is damaged. Flake, if it is flake rather than granular, it is not tempered glass.

Most shower room frames are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The shower rooms of these two materials are extremely popular among the public. Stainless steel and aluminum have anti-oxidation, wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects. Now many shower room brands have Use aluminum alloy to make the structure, especially the upper guide rail. After all, high-quality aluminum can increase the load-bearing strength of pure aluminum. Another advantage of choosing aluminum alloy is that the surface can be polished or drawn by nature without electroplating. The above is more diverse, so the aesthetics is even more unique.

For the sliding door shower room, the pulley is the most important thing. The pulley needs to carry the movement of the movable glass, so the material is best to choose 304 stainless steel.

For a shower room with a side-hung door, the function of the hinge or the hinge clamp is very important. Once the quality is not enough, which causes the situation to fall off during use, then the entire shower room is equivalent to unusable, so choose When buying hinges and hinge clamps, the material is of course 304 stainless steel is better.

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